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The current state of AI

The current state of AI

If you’ve ever watched Iron Man, I, Robot or even Terminator, you’ll have heard about AI. You’ll probably have heard about AI even if you haven’t seen them.

So it makes sense that all the top tech companies are looking into AI. Everyone from Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and even Amazon have jumped on the hype – looking to extend their AI and AI-based tech into consumer hands. Their motives may vary, but they’re all experimenting with it nonetheless.

But what exactly are these efforts, and how do they compare next to each other? I was compiling a huge load of research for a blog post that I wrote over on the Tamar blog, about how personal assistants will affect the future of SEO. But I also wanted to compile that research on here, just in case I wanted to refer back to it later. Hopefully it’s interesting to you too!

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