Year in review: 2017

Year in review: 2017

2017 is over and having broken my foot, it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on how the year went whilst my parents wait on me hand and foot (jk, they still make me walk around)

This year I had a couple of goals for myself, things that I wanted to work hard to achieve. These goals were quite ambitious, but I knew that at the start. I think ambitious goals are the way to go, otherwise, I’d never push myself.

Get promoted

My first target was to get promoted, which I achieved back in February. However, I thought that because I’d been promoted so early into the year, I should see if I can get promoted twice.

I managed to do that, which is great. The week before Christmas, I received my second promotion!! So I’m over the moon about that and I’m gonna treat myself to some new shoes. A plus.

Take my money seriously

This was a big one for me as well, learning to manage my money a bit better. Prior to this job I was pinching every single penny and couldn’t really go out a lot. I had a fully maxed out overdraft from Uni that I still hadn’t dealt with and absolutely zero savings.

I realised I needed to start being smarter with my money and pay off my overdraft, so that meant reading up a lot on savings accounts, interest rates, as well as cutting back on things that I didn’t necessarily need.

My target was to pay off my overdraft and save £5000. I managed to pay off my overdraft (but then kept going back into it because I have absolutely zero self-control), but I did save £4000! So swings and roundabouts on this one I guess.


This is the target that I failed miserably at, as you can probably see if you simply look at my blog. I’ve hardly written at all this year and it’s been quite irritating. I keep using the excuse that I don’t have time, but I think with these things you have to make time, rather than expect it to happen somehow. Must try harder.

Let’s see what happens next year.