The 3 main differences between the North and the South.

The 3 main differences between the North and the South.

I’ve been living in London for 6 months now, and it’s great. I love being here and I love London life.

But there are some stark differences between living in the North and living in the South (and I’m not talking about the cost of living, although that does constantly baffle me.)

So here’s my top 3 differences between the North and the South.

  1. Distinct lack of Greggs

In the North, Greggs is a staple of the high street. You can literally jump from one Greggs into another Greggs. What can I say, northerners love their pasties. A steak bake is delicious, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When the delicious festive bake comes on the menu, forget it. There’s stampedes trying to get one of those.


  1. There are no coats, everyone uses umbrellas instead.

This one I can kind of understand. The tube is incredibly warm and nobody wants to be stuck in a big, stuffy winter coat on the tube. I tried wearing a coat once and by the time I had arrived at work there was so much sweat on my face I looked like I had taken a quick shower.

There was a period when I had to wear a coat a lot though, and that was because I was getting the dreaded night bus home *shudder*

But everyone uses umbrellas instead? I thought umbrellas were a myth. You try using an umbrella up North and it blows inside out in about 3 seconds flat.


  1. It’s so warm down here!

If I’m totally honest, I used to think people were lying about how different the climate is between North and South. But I’ve been here 6 months and I think I can confidently say that I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn a jumper. I’m not sure if this goes for the South in general, or just the climate in London because there’s so many people, but it’s boiling. Sort it out London.


Other than this (and the prices, but that’s for another post), I’ve got no real quarrel with London. 6 months in and I still love it. Let’s see how this plays out.