Why I’m excited for Fallout 4

Why I’m excited for Fallout 4

It’s less than a month until Fallout 4 gets released and I’m excited. There hasn’t been a new Fallout game since New Vegas came out 5 years ago (I feel old now) and I’m jonesing for a Bethesda fix. I tried to patch it up by playing Elder Scrolls Online, but it just isn’t the same. And it seemed like Bethesda knew I needed that fix.

But what exactly is it about Fallout 4 that has me so excited? I’m glad you asked.

Live action trailer

So yeah, I’m pretty pumped already and then Bethesda go and release a live-action trailer. I’m a huge fan of live action trailers for games. It just brings a sense of realism, and this trailer was no exception.

In-depth crafting

I actually love crafting. I’m such a nerd for it. When I first got Skyrim, I spent probably the first 12(ish) hours of the game just hunting wolves with a bow and arrow so I could level up my blacksmithing. I loved it, but my cousins who bought the game for me and wanted to see more fighting, were not too impressed.

Of course, a lot of games have crafting systems. What sets Fallout 4’s apart from the rest is the sheer scale of it. All the attachments for your weapons are made up of multiple different combinations of things you find out in the world. One example was given as;

Maybe your long scope is made out of duct tape and a globe. Maybe you’ll use an alarm clock and a fork. Maybe you’ll add nails to your baseball bat.

Will these different combinations bring different bonuses? I sure as hell hope so.


This in-depth crafting leads to base-building. From the trailer shown at E3, we could see that the player was hooking up wires to a generator in order to power defenses to protect from raiders.

Not only that, but you put out supplies and grow a town, so that traders and settlers come and inhabit your little village. I’m so about all of this. Tower defense INSIDE another game? Heck yeah.

Crazy power armour

I loved power armour. Wearing it in Fallout 3 and New Vegas was awesome. When you finally got to put it on, it was amazing. It felt like when Rafiki holds up Simba at the start of the Lion King.

fallout 4 power armour

And now the whole power armour system has been revamped, apparently to be “more like a vehicle”. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I imagine it’ll be more robust. (Also I read that you’ll be able to put jetpacks on it?? Lord have mercy.)

Preordering Fallout 4

I really want to preorder the game. But I’ve read a bunch of articles about how preordering a game is a bad idea, especially as Bethesda games are notoriously glitchy. I haven’t been this pumped for a game since Mass Effect 3 though. So, like Natalie Imbruglia, I am torn. Should I do it?