Pokemon GO: the app everyone my age has been waiting for

Pokemon GO: the app everyone my age has been waiting for

I don’t know anyone my age that didn’t dream of being a Pokemon master when we were younger. As the proud owner of pretty much every single Pokemon game ever (I bought both X and Y for myself when they came out a couple years ago, along with a shiny new DS to play them on, despite being aged 21+) I am BEYOND hyped about Pokemon Go.

I think this is a smart move from The Pokemon Company, as there is only so long they can keep up with their current strategy of porting old games to new systems or releasing a new game with a similar plot and a bunch of new Pokemon that look like garbage.

“Hunting” Pokemon in the wild also puts a new spin on it, allowing you to feel more involved in the action and giving a new level of involvement to those playing, rather than just a repeated stabbing of the D-Pad. ┬áPlus battling of real life people! People who you can’t avoid by not making eye contact! I know this feature was in before via the world link or whatever it’s called on the DS, but playing against people you actually see is something that’s new to me.

The game boasts augmented reality and using the real environment around you with superimposed 3D Pokemon (3D!!)


I can foresee one problem, however. I’ll be at work a lot of the day and I know, I just know, that there will be a time when a Pokemon I want really badly will be nearby. But how do I leave work to catch it? “Sorry Henry, I have to go catch this Articuno. It’s life or death here to be honest.” I feel like that wouldn’t go down overly well.

So this brings up the question, what’s the one Pokemon you’d leave work or school to catch? For me it has to be an Eevee. I love all the Eevolutions, especially Umbreon and Glaceon.