Fallout 4: First thoughts

Fallout 4: First thoughts

So Fallout 4 recently came out and I’ve bought it. I must admit, I’ve not racked up as many hours as I would’ve liked due to the fact I work 6 days a week, combined with my overall tiredness. But alas. But I thought I’d give my first thoughts on it – especially as I was so excited for it.

One last thing before we go any further; I have to apologise to someone before I continue this post. I have to apologise to my mother. Sorry mum. I know I asked for Fallout 4 for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait and I bought it. I know, I know – I’m a terrible son. Sorry.

Okay. So let’s get started.

I wrote before about the reasons I was so excited for Fallout 4 – so how did they compare to my expectations?

In-depth crafting

I have to admit – this bit lived up to my expectations. I’m currently furiously levelling trying to unlock all the crafting options. I’m such a sucker for crafting shit in games (see: Skyrim and DA3). Plus I love having one weapon that I name and continuously upgrade.

However, one thing that I wanted to see was a difference in using different materials. That never materialised (see what I did there..?) as I suspected. It would’ve been hella complicated to implement something like this.

Nonetheless, I love it. 8/10

Base building

I love this! A little bit too much. My housemates sometimes watch me play while they’re doing other things and quite often complain that I’m not shooting enough people, because I’m too busy fannying around in my base – building something trivial like a Brahmin trough or some such.

Oh well. I’m having fun. 10/10

Crazy power armour

Again, another element that lived up to the hype. I love it.  Customising all the pieces of the armour is great (eg. using a BoS helmet and watching Danse fall in love with me when I put it on is amazing.)

My only concern is that I feel like they encourage you to leave it at a Base – but I’m never really sure when to use it? If I knew I was heading to some sort of Big Boss Battle or something, I’d definitely take it. But so far, nothing. No real reason to get the big guy out of my base.


Other elements

So now – the negative bits. After playing Fallout 3 and then New Vegas almost immediately after, I was very much Fallout’d out for a while. I knew all the gameplay elements pretty much inside out and back to front.

So I get Fallout 4 and sure, there are a couple of new elements. But that’s pretty much it. A couple of new elements and not much else. Everything else feels almost exactly the same as Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Yes the graphics are updated and there’s a new storyline. But I feel like I need more to it. Even a lot of the perks are the same. I wanna see some new shit damnit.


But then again, it’s like they say. War never changes – so why change something that doesn’t need changing? 8/10