Disappointing Destiny

Disappointing Destiny

For ages I followed the lead up to Destiny. It was touted as Borderlands, my favourite game of all time, meets Halo, one of my second favourite games of all time. How could a mash up of those two things be anything other than awesome?

How wrong, but also kind of right, I was.

If you’ve played Destiny you know its amazingly addictive. There’s something about shooting a bunch of aliens who are pure evil that is so satisfying, and the RPG element is great too. For more, that was one of the best things – if not the best thing. I’m such a sucker for RPG and Loot based games (hence my love of Borderlands).

But this amazing leveling and loot-based gameplay was massively outweighed by the terrible, terrible storyline. All the missions were incredibly repetitive and easily forgettable. I had no investment in any of it, and, often, when my flatmate would ask ‘What are you doing?’ I’d just reply ‘No idea’, not because I wanted him to leave because he was distracting me, but because I genuinely didn’t know. Everything seemed to blur together, in a haze of indifferential plotline.

Still, after all the negative elements, I did still love it. But with the release of House of Wolves – and leading up to The Taken King – I think, is it worth it? I know I won’t be buying any of the DLC, unless it drastically changes the game in some way.

Don’t get me wrong either, there’s nothing I love more than a good raid (hello Vault of Glass) but it just doesn’t seem worth it to me now, especially after Crota’s End came out and I realised I should’ve just thrown my money into a woodchipper. Not even the new classes can change my mind.

Seems like I’ll just have to wait for another instalment of Borderlands, unless Gearbox’s new title, Battleborn, can slake my lust too.¬†It’s a shame, because after promising so much, Destiny¬†seemed to deliver so little.