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Why FFXII is better than FFXV

When I was younger I was massively into Final Fantasy games. I was seven years old and my parents didn’t really let me go out to play because we lived in London and there were bad people everywhere, so Final Fantasy was a good escape.

But it has been 10 years since FFXV was first announced and, after falling out of love with Final Fantasy after playing FFXIII (which, let’s face it, was shockingly bad) I never really thought I’d play again.

But I recently played the demo for FFXV at my boyfriend’s house and I fucking LOVED it. So I got FFXV the day it came out, and I loved that too. But then, I started to notice that it wasn’t getting better as the game went on.

It was getting worse.

Spoilers ahead.

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The worst holiday of my life

Okay so last month I had the worst holiday of my life. Literally. But we all know how it goes with holidays, as soon as you get back, people want to know how it went. What happened? Did you have a good time? Was the weather nice?

Well ‘lots, yes, nice’ is the contracted form of that answer. But the long answer, ho ho ho. The long answer is so much more.

So I’m documenting the long answer here, so that if someone asks me how my holiday went, I’ll email them a copy of this blog post and then hear them openly weep and console me.

Yes, it was that bad.

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An open letter to my landlord

So I got a rent increase from my landlord. I’m not going to write how much it is because, although it might not seem like a lot to some people, to others it is.

When we asked our landlord to justify the rent increase, he gave us this letter (which I have handily copied and pasted below). So this is my rebuttal to him.

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halo cortana ai

The current state of AI

If you’ve ever watched Iron Man, I, Robot or even Terminator, you’ll have heard about AI. You’ll probably have heard about AI even if you haven’t seen them.

So it makes sense that all the top tech companies are looking into AI. Everyone from Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and even Amazon have jumped on the hype – looking to extend their AI and AI-based tech into consumer hands. Their motives may vary, but they’re all experimenting with it nonetheless.

But what exactly are these efforts, and how do they compare next to each other? I was compiling a huge load of research for a blog post that I wrote over on the Tamar blog, about how personal assistants will affect the future of SEO. But I also wanted to compile that research on here, just in case I wanted to refer back to it later. Hopefully it’s interesting to you too!

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